Jungle Inflatable Maze

“Let your monkeys loose”

The Jungle Adventure Maze is bound to be a hit at any party, celebration, summer camp, or community event. Let your little tiger go wild inside this inflatable maze! Jungle Maze stands at 8 feet high, 25 feet wide, and 30 feet long, so there is plenty of room for kids to crawl inside and make their way through the little jungle-themed corridors.

The maze, a series of inflated, connected tunnels, also has multiple windows on each side to ensure the safety of everyone inside. For added safety, there are zippers to allow faster exits if needed.

NOTE: Generator rental is required for events that do not have a power supply within 50 feet.

For more information, contact us at 905-358-7978 or inflatables@zippyzoominc.com

Jungle Inflatable Maze