20′ Themed Mega Slide

Pick one of 30 great themes!

Our impressive Themed Mega Slide is guaranteed to heighten excitement and add accelerated fun to any indoor or outdoor event!
Kids climb up, get ready, then let r’ rip down the slick slide, for a fast-track ride to the cushioned bottom with a safety stop. Hooded safety mesh on top makes sure riders slide down properly.
The bright and colorful red-blue slide matched with one of our 30 themes is sure to fit into any décor. Measuring in at an enormous 20’H x 14’W x 32’L, this slide is great for attracting patrons to your event who are looking for a thrill-filled day, complete with MEGA SLIDING FUN!

NOTE: Generator rental is required for events that do not have a power supply within 50 feet.

For more information, contact us at 905-358-7978 or inflatables@zippyzoominc.com

20' Themed Mega Slide